Female Tattoo Ideas

Looking for female tattoo ideas? Female tattoos are most often less aggressive, with thinner lines and softer looking than men’s tattoos. Hopefully, you don’t want the same tattoo design that everyone else has. You should be original in your choosing of female tattoo ideas, take or create a design that has some meaning to you! Be more creative with your tattoo ideas. Instead of going to the tattoo parlor and buying a design from a book. Make a statement with your tattoo!

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Here are some of the more popular female tattoo placement ideas:

Ankle – The ankle has become a popular tattoo placement. Feminine, and very easy to cover up with socks. Usually small, and can be very cute.

female tattoo ideas


Back of the neck – In my opinion, a nice spot to have a tattoo. One of the least painful places for a tattoo (believe it or not).

female tattoo ideas


The shoulder – Weather on the back or the front, is a fairly popular spot. Can be very nice looking, also easily covered with a T-shirt. Check out our sexy shoulder tattoos here

female shoulder tattoo ideas


Hip – The hip has become a fairly popular tattoo spot on females, and only shows when you’re in just underwear or a bikini.

female hip tattoo ideas


Side – The side of the body is an extremely popular place for tattoos, and can be extremely cute.

female side tattoo ideas


Lower back – Lower back tattoos are a very feminine place for a tattoo. Only shown when wanted, and can be flashed when bending over, which will give the feeling that you saw something you shouldn’t ;). Very Sexy. Checkout our lower back tattoos for women!

back female tattoo ideas

Top Female Tattoo Ideas

Text – Quotes and verses have become a popular choice for female tattoos. Sometimes combined with other designs, but most often just words with a nice font.

female text tattoo ideas


Dragonfly – Though most women (and men) don’t like insects, dragonfly’s are a very popular female tattoo.

female dragonfly tattoo ideas


Heart – The symbol of romance and love. The heart has been a popular tattoo idea since, forever.

female heart tattoo ideas


Flower – Natural and beautiful, flowers are considered to be a “girly” tattoo. Roses, lilies, hibiscus, and lotus flowers are popular flower tattoo ideas with each flower having a deep symbolic meaning.

female flower tattoo ideas


Butterfly – Butterflies may be the single most popular female tattoo. Beautiful, delicate, and an ideal tattoo design.

female butterfly tattoo ideas

There’s only so much you can find online regarding female tattoo ideas, and placements. Ultimately you need to find or create a design that means something to you!

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If you’re looking for tattoo ideas for your first tattoo, its normal to be nervous about getting permanent ink on your body. Getting something small tattooed, would be the best way to start. Here are some tiny female tattoo ideas to inspire your first tattoo!

female tattoo ideasairplane female tattoo ideassmall7 female tattoo ideas female tattoo ideas female tattoo ideas female tattoo ideas

Gallery of female tattoo ideas


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